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The most popular server-side programming language - PHP

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What is the world's best language? Each developer has their answer. As a long-established online back-end development language, PHP, recognised as the greatest programming language in the world, experiences "checkmate" every year, suspicious on what happened to PHP and why it is no longer popular.

Although there have been complaints about PHP, it is unlikely to go very soon. Based on a research by W3Techs that charts historical patterns in the languages used for server-side programming usage from January 2010. PHP's market share has climbed from 2010 to 2021, not reduced. PHP's market share was 72.5 percent in 2010, and it is now 78.8 percent. The market share of PHP's rivals is essentially less than 10%. For example, ASP.NET, which had a market share of 24.4 percent in 2010, fell to 9.3 percent in January of this year and continues to decline to 8.3 percent this month. Enlarge / PHP does not view Ruby, despite its 6.5 percent market share, as a "threat." Ruby is the only server-side web language to have grown significantly over the previous ten years. (Data until September, 2021)


Rasmus Lerdorf developed PHP in 1994. PHP is an interpreted programming language that can be embedded in HTML. It is mostly used for server-side development, particularly for Web development. The syntax of PHP is similar to that of C, making it simple to learn and use. PHP can operate on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and others. PHP is also free and works well with most of the servers in use today. As a result, it has taken up a sizable portion of the market for early Internet applications. PHP was originally used to create some of the biggest websites in the world, like Facebook, which is also the main reason why they are still operational today.

Other benefits such as:

  • Supporting the rapid and easy production of flash animations, improving the production of flash animation.
  • The global file format is the pdf file. The PDF file format is cross-platform, includes strong encryption features, and is simple to read, print, and explore. PDF files may be readily produced using the php language.

Although PHP has many benefits, there are also many drawbacks throughout its 20-year development history. For instance, chaotic function names, lack of support for multi-threading, chaotic parameter ordering, which makes it impossible to remember how to use a function without checking the documentation or an IDE, etc. Another important factor is that the initial design of the PHP language had flaws, and succeeding revisions similarly lacked the involvement of language design professionals. The PHP community ignored the significance of other issues due to an excessive focus on pragmatism (such as programming experience).

However, there is a good reason why PHP has endured in the world of computer languages for more than two decades. Despite numerous flaws, PHP's historical accomplishments in the field of programming languages cannot be erased. What do you think about using PHP to develop a tiny website that we might wish to create in the future?

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