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Is it necessary to learn PHP fundamental at first place before any PHP frameworks?

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People could believe that using a framework will make creating applications simpler. However, if you don't master the language's fundamentals, you could just blindly follow others' procedures or instructions without understanding the foundation. not only PHP, but all languages in general. In this article, we will discuss about why you should learn the language fundamental before the use of a framework. PHP will be the prior at this stage.

Rasmus Lerdorf developed the server-side programming language PHP in 1995. PHP is a popular general-purpose open-source scripting language that is ideal for web development and can be integrated into HTML. To use PHP, you have to make sure that your server is on, for example, XAMPP. So, what’s the reasons on why you need to learn the PHP fundamental before the frameworks?

To understand how it work in overall with the basic syntax

To be able to understand the framework syntax, you must be familiar with the fundamentals of PHP. Since the majority of frameworks have unique structures and syntax, Although the syntax may change, the idea and basic principle do not. It could be challenging to master the new framework without a basic understanding of the concepts (structured programming, functions, variables, arrays, etc.), or you might spend a lot of time learning the language's foundations rather than the framework.

To familiar with the way of coding

Learning the foundations of PHP is similar to practising how to write code. Learn correct coding techniques to make applying design patterns in frameworks easier, as most frameworks use MVC (Model-View-Controller).

To clear with OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

The programmes' structure is made clear via OOP. OOP makes the PHP code easier to maintain, edit, and debug. OOP allows for quicker development times and less code needed to construct fully reusable apps. To maximise your chances of learning any framework, you must become familiar with OOP concepts, such as class declaration, inheritance, abstract, etc., in the language of your choice.

To understand how to talk with the database

You must first understand data entity and entity relationship to communicate with the database. Without being aware of this, you can incorrectly arrange the information, which would result in a website loading slowly or redundant data. The country's state, for example, won't necessarily be repeated for each family in a table from a database but rather connects to a household from another table. Your job will be easier and your application will be more scalable if the relationships between the elements in your application are mapped out.

PHP is like the nerve system in your body, but other languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript would represent the bones, skin, and muscles. Without knowing the basics of the nervous system, it would be like treating patients with theory rather than experience or practical. Therefore, before moving on to improve the skills, it is essential to comprehend the theory together with the practical.

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