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What to include in a website from production to end result?

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Introduction to website creation

Website production, to put it simply, is the result of a number of jobs that are exhibited, such as website positioning through page structure, sensible layout, picture word processing, programme design, database design, etc.

The front-end engineer is responsible for creating websites. The duties of the front-end engineer include website production, website design, website user experience, and website JAVA impact. Website production is a job that combines planning, network programming, web page design, etc. to create websites on the worldwide Internet for organisations, institutions, businesses, or people. It also includes domain name registration, hosting, and other related services.


The steps of website creation

Determine the website structure

A kind of architecture must be chosen when the content of the desired web page has been decided.
There are:

  • Website header + website navigation bar + content + section
  • Website header + main body + section
    This kind of section is suitable for some representative websites, mainly without navigation bar.
  • Left navigation bar + right main body + lower section
    This is the most common form of website section. The logo of the website will be placed on the upper left, the navigation bar will be placed below, and the copyright will be placed in the open space on the right.


Create a local site

With everything prepared and planned, it's time to create a local site for your website. The creation of web page files requires the most effort during the creation of a web page, therefore we must set up several columns, classify and save the page files in various folders, and save each file for a column individually to make management and maintenance simple. Much more practical.


Website homepage production

Production of the webpage is the most important, regardless of the level of technical difficulties or creative preference. Our main page serves as a metaphor for our front. Other pages may be generated with ease after the main page is completed to perfection.

The banner of the page is made of the site logo image from animation. After making a certain layout, you can select "Table" in the object panel to set various parameters of the table. After setting the table, insert the table into the cell to control the layout design of each part of the web page. You can merge cells or insert a table inside and add any prepared pictures or text and other elements.


The technique or technology used

Technology / TechniqueExplanation
Image processing softwareThese programmes abound; Photoshop is the most popular one, but others include Fireworks, CoreldRAW, Illustrator, Freehand, and others.
HTMLSimple language to structure the layout of the web content.
Java & ajaxA special effect control software, generally used for form control and event processing.
Dreamweaver (or any editor)A web page editing software like word. Focus on mastering the operation of its code mode.
Dynamic programming languages and databasesasp, php, jsp or
SEO techniquesThe technique of increasing the amount and quality of search engine traffic to a website or web page is known as search engine optimization.


In Summary

In summary, the takeaway from this article is that you should include a call to action on your website. It can be as simple as an email signup form or a link to download something, but it's important that you have one somewhere so that visitors know what they should do next. You now know how to create an effective website and how to make sure it converts visitors into customers!

I hope that this has helped you understand the process of creating a website. It's not as simple as just throwing some words on a page and calling it done! There are many steps involved in creating a good website, but if you follow these tips then you should be well on your way to creating something great.


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