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Most of time, if your business needs to accomplish a website or web application with diversify functions or special user journey, multiple WordPress plugins will be installed to the system backend, it could be 10, 20 or even more. The greater number of plugins will lead to more hassle of maintaining the website, such as keep plugin version up to date, checking the plugin compatibility, configuring in several plugin interface styles.

Therefore, our team come in place, we can customise all functions to accommodate your very special website requirements within WordPress ecosystem by using only one micro system – the EnterWapp. We create the linkages among functionalities and control them at a set of standard places. Insides EnterWapp, there are always have feasible room to build by adapting Enterrom modules inside WordPress site. We are always standby to develop more functions and modules until you are running out idea.

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No, you do not need to pay any extra subscription renewal fee. As the EnterWapp WP plugin is always bundle with our website development services and contract.

Yes, if the WP plugin is built within WordPress ecosystem, we always can find the solution for both plugins talking to each other.

No worry, we will always consult and explain to you with layman word. Alongside, we will propose you the most feasible web solution that meets your objective.

Not really, most of the features are meant for normal website admin user to handle and maintain. We always got you covered for any additional web development needs and let hassle handling by us.

Yes, the system will you notified when new version of EnterWapp is rolling out. You can always update the plugin as other does.

No, the EnterWapp plugin installation is done by our internal web developer and this plugin is used on the website built by us only.

Yes, the website and plugin will still work if migrated to another vendor. However, you will no longer receive any future update from us.